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  • WinXP Virtual Machine is not useful at all. Volatility is much better

Rabbit Holes:

  • Data has been recovered from mspaint.exe temporary buffers in ctfs before writeup
    • Scanning the memory here does not yield any results, just a bunch of funky art
  • 133t5p34k is not strictly defined and not consistent
    • characters are difficult to distinguish e.g. 1, l, I, l
    • wrong character -> wrong flag


  • Analyze memory dump with Volatility Framwork
  • pslist shows interesting processes:
    • CSCG_Delphi.exe --> looks promising
    • mspaint.exe --> see Rabbit Holes
  • Extract Delphi Exe via procdump into 1920.exe
    • Unfortunately exe will not run in any compatibility mode or on WinXP VM
  • Use DeDe decompiler to decompile exe
    • Decompilation shows TForm1 with title CrackMe
    • CheckFlag Button can be decompiled into annotated assembly by DeDe
    • CheckFlag makes references to various hard-coded all-uppercase strings
    • CheckFlag uses TIdHashMessagDigest5 which implements MD5 "Encryption"
    • CheckFlag uses StrUtils.AnsiReverseString so comparison string is possibly reversed
  • Lookup String constants in online Database hashes.com
    • 1efc99b6046a0f2c7e8c7ef9dc416323:dl0
    • 25db3350b38953836c36dfb359db4e27:kc4rc
    • 40a00ca65772d7d102bb03c3a83b1f91:!3m
    • c129bd7796f23b97df994576448caa23:l00hcs
    • 017efbc5b1d3fb2d4be8a431fa6d6258:1hp13d
  • Strings form valid words when reversed, but do not form a coherent sentence
    • Assembly comparing the strings differs, possibly not comparing in order
    • Assuming the flag is human-readable there are not many combinations that form a coherent sentence
  • Manually reorder strings to form human.readable flag. Add CSCG{} around the flag
  • WIN




  • Do not use MD5 constants as password/key